If you want to Look Good, Feel Great and Live Better then you’ve come to the right place!

Pinnacle Personal Training is a unique company delivering a complete personal training service that will motivate, support and inspire you to achieve your health, fitness and weight loss goals.

Now is your time to get in shape and achieve the new you that you’ve always wanted.*


3 Reasons to choose Pinnacle Personal Training:

  1. Looking Good – There is nothing better than witnessing your body become stronger, leaner and physically more capable. With Pinnacle Personal Training you will see to shape you’ve always wanted.*
  2. Feeling Great – The benefits of regular exercise in boosting your mood, energy levels and productivity are enormous. As well as seeing the numbers on the scales fall you will get more out of each and every day.*
  3. Living Better – We all need to take care of our bodies. Imagine how much better all aspects of your life can be when you transform your body.*

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Health, fitness and wellbeing are a growing concern in the UK and the benefits of regular physical exercise are hard to ignore. Exercise not only encourages weight loss, muscle tone and shape transformation but it also boosts your mood and energy, promotes better sleep and injects the spark back into your life.

Pinnacle Personal Training will encourage, assist and facilitate your way to a fitter, faster, firmer better you.*

Focused Strategies

It can be really hard for the modern man and woman to stay in shape in the brief periods of time you have during your busy life. To get the most out of the time you spend exercising, you need the best Personal Trainer Worcester can offer to help you make a difference; that’s me by the way!

I will work with you to devise focused strategies which encourage and ensure long-term results.*

Whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle, get in shape, perform better at your sport or just feel better, I can assist you with a tailor-made training plan to suit your needs.*

Getting Started!

Everything starts with  a free one hour consultation to meet you, thoroughly find out what it is that you want to achieve, why, and how we can get there. Not only that, we will record a set of personal measurements which will be updated regularly, generating graphs to show your progress in any combination of weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain or fitness improvement goals. I can also provide you with an analysis of your current nutrition and work with you to improve this in line with your goals and in a sustainable way.*

Where can we train?

Gym based training takes place primarily at Exclusive Gym in Broughton Hackett (see map), Worcester’s leading personal training gym studio just 5 minutes from M5 J6.

If the gym is not for you however then we can train in another suitable  environment, at your home or outdoors. Due to high demand home training clients are currently only being accepted on a case by case basis to ensure the highest quality of service.

Please feel free to browse the website, get to know me by reading the weekly blog and don’t hesitate to contact me  and arrange your FREE one hour consultation.

Chris Pinner 07817 299336

email: chrispinner.pt@gmail.com

*Disclaimer – results may very dependant upon adherence to training plan, frequency of training and individual response to training.