Chris Pinner – Personal Trainer

My approach to personal training is based on providing strong motivation and encouragement to help you achieve your goals. As well as providing structure to your workouts we will work together to incorporate being healthy into all aspects of your life.

I absolutely love my job. From a young age, I have enjoyed keeping fit and healthy and I am passionate about sport and exercise. I am an avid rugby player as well as follower of football, cricket, biking and athletics to name but a few. After finishing school, I went on to study Sport BA (hons) at Durham University and after this, gained my Personal Trainer Award from YMCAfit. My further training in the fitness industry has only fuelled my belief that exercise and keeping fit, should be as accessible and as easy as possible to those who wish to embrace, improve and maintain their general health and wellbeing and live our lives to the full.


I’ve had times in my life where I’ve fallen off the exercise wagon (who hasn’t!), as well as having my fair share of injuries which have required me to start my training from scratch (again!) but what I do know is; my life is one hundred per cent more exceptional in every way, when I am active; and this is where my role comes in with you! Whatever your age, fitness level, current stage, lifestyle or however busy you are, once you make a commitment to me and your fitness, you will be happier and healthier for that decision. My role is to introduce you to a better, fitter, more functional and happier you.

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