What is it?

A Strength and Conditioning programme for intermediate to advanced trainers.

Aimed at improving sporting performance by increasing strength through lifting heavy weights with good technique in conjunction with metabolic conditioning to improve fitness and shed excess body fat.

This type of training is going to be hard. It is high intensity and challenges the body to adapt to new stimulus quickly.

We’ll concentrate on the basics first. Technique, body weight movements and finding your current performance levels. Then each week we will work on and build on what we have found to improve your performance.


Who is it for?

Sports people yes but it is not strictly limited to this. Any one that is looking to get stronger, improve their lifting technique, push themselves and shed some fat in the process.

Life is a game that we should be winning.

A good base of training is not necessary but it will work in your advantage through the classes


When is it?

Classes are every Saturday, 9am at Exclusive Gym, Worcester

They will last between 45 mins to 1 hour 15 mins depending on each week’s content.

Each course of programming will run for 7 weeks, in which time you will be tested, trained to improve and then retested across a variety of tasks.


Where is it?

Exclusive Gym, Broughton Hackett, Worcester, WR7 4BE


How much is it and what do I get?

For £105 you will receive:

A 7 week course of classes

A full training log detailing each session, stat tracking and allowing you to track your progress and improvements

A limited edition Pinnacle Personal Training T-Shirt!


Sounds good to me!!

If you’ve got any questions then email them to chrispinner.pt@gmail.com

There are currently just 3 places remaining so to reserve your spot just complete your details below and I will be in touch.