What happens if you break your New Year resolutions tonight?

If you didn’t do it last weekend, this weekend feels like it’s going to be a real drain on the old willpower.

If you did make a resolution I hope you’ve been good and stuck to them. Personally I’ve been off the coffee again but that will just be for January as a bit of a reset. I want my coffees to actually have an effect on me and the more you have, the more you need to get any noticeable kick. So a reset every now and then allows your body to return to its regular state and means I won’t be needing 2 double shot Americanos to prise my eyes open in the morning.

If it does come down to it this weekend and you find yourself staring down the abyss of a chocolate fudge cake what’s actually going to happen when you devour it?

Sure you’ll probably beat yourself up for a while. Feel like a puffer fish for the evening and wonder if it was all worth it anyway…


…but after those feelings fade nothing else will happen. You’ll continue on with your day. No one will chastise you but yourself, the drop on the scales might slow down a little but you certainly won’t slide into that ‘slice of cake a day’ habit again.

Tomorrow is a new day and you don’t need it to be January the 1st to begin making better choices in your life.

Dust yourself down, straighten your posture, wipe those chocolate crumbs from the corner of your mouth and begin again. This time with the knowledge and experience of what just happened and the foresight to avoid a similar situation in say 3 weeks’ time when your willpower coil winds itself too tightly and needs to pop.

When it comes down to adding up all of the slips though, would you want to look back and realise that 2017 was another write off?

Chris ‘devil-on-the-shoulder’ Pinner

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