The 12 easiest ways to fat loss in 2017

Everyone will come to this from a different level of experience so we’ll keep to the basics.

Simple changes that if you implement them consistently into your lifestyle you’ll make a huge but sustainable change to your energy levels, motivation and ultimately the way that you look in the mirror.

The January boost in motivation is great for you to start making a change but you can really start this anytime that you want. The beauty of having 12 points to work on here is that you can work on one each month of the year until they all snowball together to form a huge sustainable change.

Some of us have been struggling away in the gym for years.

Some have made great progress but yo-yo’d back to the start.

Some of you have just decided that this is going to be your year, found your trainers from the back of the cupboard and then had to remind yourself how to tie your laces up.

Whatever your starting point this is going to be an epic 12 months for you.

But it might not be as easy as you think though.

The temptation when full of motivation and New Year – New You excitement is to overhaul everything that you do in one go. And whilst making these huge changes will undoubtedly have a big effect on your progress initially. You are a lot less likely to make any of them stick in the long run.

You’ll be much better placed by making one change per week or month. Being consistent with it and bedding that change down into a habit that will benefit you in a much more sustainable way.

That’s the idea here. I going to give you just one habit today. Sorry if you came looking for the ultimate fast fix, you won’t find it here. Habit one is below, read it, digest it and take action.

Habit 1 of 12

Just Keep Turning Up

I would suggest initially that just turning up to the gym on a consistent basis should be your first target. I don’t mind what you do there. Just turn up. It can be once a week or 3 times a week, you can even sit in the car, play on your phone for 10 minutes and leave again. Just do it consistently.

The beauty in this that you’ll find yourself saying ‘well I’m here now, I may as well do something’.

We are working on the formation and building of a sustainable habit. I understand that you might think that this is overly simple but that’s what we are going for – the 12 easiest ways to lose body fat.

It apparently takes 10,000 hours to fully form a habit so we need to start at the beginning.

Plan your days and weeks to facilitate getting to the gym regularly. Make an appointment with yourself. Pack a bag of kit and leave it by the front door ready to go. Find a buddy to drag along with you, you’ll find it much more fun. Just keep turning up. If you’re starting from scratch then just this change will have a huge impact on your body, the amount of calories you burn over a week and you’ll start to feel that belt loosen.

We can and will get into the specifics of what to do in the gym in due course but for now make that appointment with yourself and turn up. Consistently.

Because we are trying to drip feed these habits in over the year we are going to give each one a month to establish. I could send all 12 today but I know and you know that you’ll read them, try one or two, forget about the others and never make a change to your body.

So I will be publishing the rest via a monthly email. Just enter your details below and you’ll get each now habit directly.

For this I need you to take on last leap of faith. Show me you are really committed by entering your email address in the link below. You’ll get each habit for free directly to your inbox.


Chris ‘2017’ Pinner

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