Lack of goal-setting in a workout programme is like taking a drive with no end point in mind! You’ll use up a lot of petrol (energy) and not get much accomplished. If you’re there for the scenery that’s fine, but if you want to get results from your trip, you must set a goal.

From day 1, Pinnacle Personal Training will work with you on your fitness journey. Goals are very personal to the individual; together, we will set goals based on what you want to accomplish with your programme.

I am able to offer a range of services, each of which will be designed specifically to help you to achieve your goals.* The most common goals are listed below:

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As well as one-to-one training sessions many people find that they enjoy training with a friend at the same time. There is added encouragement, you are able to split the cost of sessions, small groups are less likely to let each other down by not attending and the whole process becomes a shared experience.* For special small group offers take a look at the rates section.

*Disclaimer – results may very dependant upon adherence to training plan, frequency of training and individual response to training.