“Chris is a great personal trainer who helps you in every way possible to achieve your fitness goals and feel great! Each training session is different and enables you to learn new skills and strategies along the way. Weekly weigh ins are great as it enables you to see the progress you are making and what still needs work, which Chris will then happily go through with you how you can improve this and turn your weaknesses into strengths. Weekly blogs provide you with extra tips on how you can maintain a good healthy lifestyle, continue to keep on track with training and how to keep a balanced diet whilst juggling with everyday life chores and work. I find the weekly blogs very useful and helpful, as it enables you to deal with bad days and know how you can put things right again with your diet and training.

Chris is very friendly, easy to get along with, good at his job and makes training fun which enables you to enjoy training whilst you work out, see results and achieve your fitness goals successfully. I highly recommend Chris as he is very enthusiastic with everything he does and enjoys helping others to achieve their fitness goals and targets in every way possible” Aneesah*

“Chris Pinner is brilliant at understanding what people really need from their personal training. Most of us are not cut out to be athletes or even want to be super fit. Chris understands that what most of us want is to be fitter, leaner, healthier and whilst this definitely involves work and commitment he makes it fun and entertaining. For this and for his patience as I procrastinated and missed sessions I shall be eternally grateful.

I recommend Chris to everyone who wants to take a step forward with their personal fitness.” Nicholas*

“Chris is a very professional personal trainer. I’ve been training with him for nearly 2 years now and there’s no doubt that I am fitter, stronger and lighter. He is a quiet, unassuming guy with a talent for keeping you on track. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in looking after themselves a bit more.” Ian*

“I started working with Chris about 5 months ago.  Overweight and unfit my initial goal was to get my weight down knowing that I would have to get fitter to do so.  Chris has matched all of the workouts to those needs and most importantly for me, really varied EVERY session.  He also does a “line in the sand” session over couple of months so I can see just how far I have progressed.  Chris is also quietly encouraging especially when the head gets the better of the body ensuring that I finish every hour on track to achieve my goal.

So I am now 2 stone lighter, a TOTALLY different shape and I’m in the process of resetting my goals with a real belief that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to….with a little help of course.” Sarah*


“This was me in July 2012! I fell of my horse, fractured my coccyx and damaged my pelvis. I spent a week in hospital and 6/8 weeks on crutches!
Chris and I had a consultation with one of the physios at Select Physio, above Exclusive Gym, from which Chris wrote me a programme to help me walk unaided.
After several weeks of 2 very slow half hour sessions at home we made incredible progress. Now I am working out with Chris twice a week for an hour and I feel fitter than I have ever been. I have lost weight and inches from my waist and hips! On the days when I ache and my pelvis feels a bit sore Chris adapts the work out and encourages me to keep going. The weekly weigh ins have made me rethink what I eat and Chris has supported me with diet and nutrition advice.
I cannot recommend Chris enough, he has supported me through a very painful recovery and now that I am fit and healthy he continues to support me in maintaining it and getting ready for the ski season. I am planning nearly a month on skis in early 2013, back in August I thought that I would never ski again! Thanks Chris.” Emma, 37*


“Prior to meeting Chris Pinner I had gained weight due to health problems; this resulted in decreased motivation confidence and fitness levels. Initially the thought of having a personal trainer filled me with trepidation, but when I met Chris he instantly put me completely at ease. He listened intently to everything I had to say and we worked out a realistic fitness plan together.

I now train with Chris 3 times a week and feel the benefit in all aspects of my life. My motivation and confidence levels have vastly increased and my fitness is now at a level I would have been unable to achieve with out him.

I feel that Chris has a genuine desire to guide and support people to a healthier and happier lifestyle. He does not just offer support with diet and fitness, he offers huge amounts of emotional support, encouragement and understanding. I would recommend Chris to anyone who feels unhappy with their weight or fitness level, I honestly feel he has helped me to change my life.” Sinead, 31*


“I contacted Chris having decided that I needed the discipline to get into a regular routine with exercise. Chris is responsive to the particular context into which my exercise opportunities have to fit, he worked out quickly what motivates me and understands when to turn up and down the expectations. He explains the physiology so that I can understand how to make the most of exercise and introduces plenty of variety to keep me engaged. Not only do I feel better, I am more determined (no mean feat!). And I really enjoy the sessions” Caroline, 52*


“I had been going to the gym on and off for a few years, but when I started working with Chris there was a noticeable difference in my work ethic, and the results were fantastic – 12lbs lost in 12 weeks!”   Brian, 57*


“Chris got me fit for tennis again, and I’ve been in the team ever since.”  Tine*

(*Results may vary from person to person).