Have you ever been on a diet, and then put all the weight (and more!) back on?

Have you ever joined a gym, and then gradually lost interest as the sessions became boring?

Do you want to look and feel great for a special occasion – wedding, holiday, new job?

By engaging with a Personal Trainer you will not only benefit from a wide variety of services that will help you to achieve your short term goals, you will also receive education on how to implement lifestyle changes that will sustain your leaner, fitter body well into the future.

I will help you by providing structure, variety, support and motivation to achieve your personal fitness goals, and we will regularly monitor developments.  We will review a number of changes to your body over the course of a programme, including weight, body fat and muscle mass, and provide you with evidence of your progress (see sample charts below).

We will start with an initial consultation to assess your current state of health and define your fitness goals (e.g. lose weight, improve posture or simply get fitter). As you work through the programme we will revisit these goals and assess how well things are progressing. The programme will be developed regularly, not only for variety, but also to allow for continued progression. The programme will be flexible to suit your needs and time commitments.

Having a regularly scheduled appointment is great for maintaining your motivation. Not only will you have someone else to report back to, you’ll also be taking part in a structured and realistic programme designed to deliver maximum results in the minimum of time.

The emphasis should be on making exercise fun, so that you have the motivation to not only meet, but exceed your goals. The variety, location and time of exercise sessions is almost endless, from mountain biking to circuit training, boxing and weight training, and can be conducted at work, at home, in the countryside or at a gym.

A typical programme will generally combine aerobic (CV), resistance (weights) & flexibility to give you the workout that suits you best. With this balanced approach, combined with the all the benefits of regular exercise, you can’t go wrong.